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Bedroom is a place where we spent ¾ of our daily life, hence it is important to rev up the bedroom in a way that it is stress free.

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Go for soothing colors and hues– In order to make home lively and stress-free go for soothing hues, as it will rejuvenate and relax the room and make the home a good place to live in. For instance, in order to create natural looking environment, one can go for natural earthy tones. The earthy tones can make your home feel grounded and perfect place to live in.



Go for green and neutral colors because it reminds us of nature and nature is always relaxing, rejuvenating. So, in order to make your space a nice home to love in, add few accessories and opt for light colors, but if your personality is too bold for neutral colors, go for that, but in the end the bedroom should reflect what you are.

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To make the bedroom clutter-free and stress free, go for minimal accessories like adding excessive throw pillows and other accessories can make the room look overboard with the items. The idea is to add things that are important. Like adding too many pillows, lampshades or any other item can make you fall prey of interior decoration mishap.  So, it becomes crucial not to go overboard with the accessories and add only those items that are necessary for your home.


Adding red and purple color in the home may look too bold to handle sometimes, so go for contrast like red and white, black and white, yellow and red, all these variations in color combination can make your home look lively and vivacious.  Plus it will create a good impression on the guests too.


Turn off the power of electronics- While, today there is a lot of campaign about save power and protect energy, but still many of us don’t pay heed to it. Many a times we turn on the electronic items like cell phone charger or a microwave oven and forget to switch off these electronics. Hence, the end result is loss of precious energy-power. So, keeping all these facts in mind it becomes quintessential to turn off the power items.

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Plus it is an easy way to relax and rest. Keep away your bedroom from television and computers. The light emitted these devices signals the brain to stay awake for a long time. Hence, it can disturb the sleeping pattern of individuals. Additionally, these gadgets are interfering in your good night’s sleep and leaving you at elevated stress hormones.  So, in order to remain away from daily stress levels, keep yourself gadget free.


In fact! Overusing of mobile phones can also disturb the natural pattern of sleep, so you must keep away these gadgets from where you sleep.  Even placing the TV in a cabinet and putting a screen between the bed and the computer is a sure shot way to make your home stress free.

Add fantasy to your home- Think about your home may look like. If you want your home to look like a paradise, then complement the home with a same décor, but if you want the home to look like a sea green home then go for a sea grass rug.

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Want a mountain cabin or a country home? If answer to these questions is yes, then use accessories for your bedroom that complements with the overall décor of the home. Design the home according to the individual style and preferences, and make your home look beautiful. The crux is in order to render the home stress free go for the bedroom décor and add those settings that have power to rejuvenate the home.

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Design is of utmost importance, so for one it may be a past experience or mistake, but for other it may be a learning curve. If nothing comes to your mind, fillip through glossy magazines and identify the elements in your home that can make it look relaxing and nice place to live in. A home is a heaven and by adding all these elements in the home one can make it lively.

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Thus, all these methods not only add lively atmosphere in the room, but is also a nice method to make it stress-free and environment friendly.