Modern living space Family

We never get tired of these beautiful Swedish homes. Here is another that lies in the heart of the Swedish neighborhood Kungsladugård. This apartment has been renovated multiple times which enables it to have a history which is shown through the various layers of finishes. The renovations still maintained its connection to its 1920′s roots when it was designed by Arvid Fuhre in the style of Governor House.

The Swedish design of using a neutral base and then adding onto this modern detailing such as the furniture and wall coverings is clearly shown throughout the apartment. This apartment was originally designed in order to accommodate large families however it does this without being too ostentatious or overwhelming. The overall effect is of a light and airy space which you could easily see yourself occupying.


built in storage in bed Family hall and dressing room Family inner hall from bedroom Family childs bedroom with study space Family kitchen and study Family Modern living space Family white and grey living area Family built in storage and study Family kitchen and dining Family tree wall feature Family timber bookshelf in living area Family study with wall feature Family storage behind curtain Family childrens bedroom Family shoe and coat area near front door Family reading corner Family neutral bedroom Family mirror sliding door Family hall used as study Family kitchen Family laundry Family