Colors, hues, shades bear a profound effect on the way people react. Conventionally, the Indians use colors very minimally and generally they opt for shades of grey, blues and off whites. However, with passage of time people have begun to experiment the colors in the house. It is an acknowledged fact that colors can help you to undergo various moods. Here’s a quick snapshot on the meaning of colors

Yellow- The color yellow signifies positivity, glee and relaxation. Colors like orange and yellow perks the energy of individuals and increases the brain activities. You can décor your home wall with a yellow color or add yellow colored wall mural in the room. It will really synergize the room.

Blue- The blue is a synonym of reflective environment and it relieves you from the stress. So, if the work puts you on the stress bed we suggest you to adorn your home with blue color. Beach room decoration can be the solution.

Red– The color pushes adrenaline in the body. It is a warm and aggressive color that symbolizes energy. Not to forget, the color is also a symbol of romance. So, if your relationship is not sturdy we suggest you to adorn your home with red color.

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Green– Green adds calming effect on the minds of individuals. So, we suggest you this color; if your life is full of stress and harmony is missing from it.

Adorn your home with above mentioned colors; you’ll surely get what you desire. Now that’s known as color therapy.