Open-plan living remains a controversial trend in today’s modern homes. The concept has become a subject of debate; modern and minimalist enthusiasts see the trend as a means to enjoy wider floor area, while conservatives perceive it to be going beyond the tenets of privacy.


Condo interior design in Singapore has started to adopt the principles of open-plan living during recent years. This is especially true among condos and studio apartments of limited floor space; open-plan living nor only makes more room for movement, but also creativity on the part of the homeowner.

Open-plan bathrooms have become an exciting part of this interior design concept. Indeed, it is becoming a design choice among some homeowners due to its intimate and hotel-inspired appeal, but at the same time it comes with reservations.

Why opt for an open-plan bathroom?

Specialists of condo interior design in Singapore find open-plan bathrooms to be an effective way to enjoy more space. This proves to be ideal in a compact home since the absence of walls gives an illusion of a wider bathroom.

Open-plan bathrooms are often associated with luxury hotels, where rooms are specially designed to serve as a haven for rest and relaxation. The openness of the room has an indulgent vibe to it, where you can feel free to do anything you want. You may also step barefoot from bath to bed, without opening or closing doors.

You may also maximise the features of both the bedroom and the bathroom. You get to watch TV while taking a shower or extend the warm temperature right into the toilet.

Since open-plan bathrooms are free of any partitions, more natural light can be used to illuminate both rooms.

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Designing an open-plan bathroom

One of the things to consider when planning an open-plan bathroom is to pay special attention to your choice of sanitary fixtures, such as the toilet, shower installation, and lavatory. Apart from being fully functional, they too should match the visual appeal of your bedroom.

Since your bedroom is your place of rest, your bathroom should also be clean of clutter. You may want to have ample storage space to keep your mess to a minimum, as well as have wide basins installed to prevent puddles forming on the floor.

If you happen to spend a lot of time in the bathroom for grooming and other hygiene tasks, then it is ideal to have a vanity unit present too.

Other practical considerations

Open-plan bathrooms don’t come without issues. Among other things, you have to consider whether the people you’re sharing the bathroom with are okay with the idea of using a toilet without walls.

In case you want to maintain some level of privacy, you may opt to install a screen or glass partition to minimise the noise or prevent water (splashing) from entering the bedroom.

Lastly, an open-plan bathroom puts the bedroom floor at a higher risk of damping. It is best to switch to tiles to make cleaning easier for both the bedroom and bathroom and ensure proper ventilation to prevent the rooms from mould and mildew.