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Well, for young couple who just married, it’s better to buy an apartment first. Why? It is buying an apartment is more efficient and some of them also say that it is cheaper than purchasing home. What do you think about that? But, some of them feel confused in deciding about the design. Most of them do not have any idea about the design. So, what is the best design for your apartment? Well, it’s because you just live together with your couple, it doesn’t need to buy the large one.

Let’s say you will make a simple apartment which is suitable for young couple like you. The most important thing is the room. At least, you need to have two rooms. And about the furniture, you can put something that is really gives important function for your family. You can choose TV that is will not spend a space in your apartment. If you only have limited space, it doesn’t matter if you have bedroom beside the living room. It will be unique and different with others, right? If you have the balcony, it can be used as your kitchen.

The most important thing when you want to design your apartment, make sure about the space first. And make sure you know where you will put your furniture before buying it.

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young couple Interior Design Blogs

you couple design Interior Design Blogs you couple interior Interior Design Blogs youngcouple apartment 02 Interior Design Blogs

you couple apartment Interior Design Blogs Young couple apartment Interior Design Blogs