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Minimalism has become a new way of life. There are several ways to welcome minimalist decor in the home one of them we have discussed earlier Japandi Home decor. There are several ways that urban Indian follows to make the home look minimalist and beautiful. Here, we have curated certain tips on how to add minimal decor in your home.

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What is a minimalist home?

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The main mantra for minimalist home decor is to follow simplicity throughout. Keep the tone of the home simple, and live by principle less is more and everything has a place approach. To keep the home simple the home- owner needs to think clean, follow clean lines of symmetry and color palette paired with silhouettes, yet not shies away from experimenting.

How to welcome minimalism in your home?

1 Follow your guts

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Home decorating is an instinctual job dictated by our own thoughts and thinking. It tastes worse if you follow blindly whatever is trending. The best way to do an aesthetic makeover to your home is to decide based on your instincts. It will help you to instill confidence and will reflect your personal taste. It will give your home a spontaneous pop.

2 Add minimal trends that are ruling the roost

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Several interior decoration trends focus on being minimal, the primary among them is Japandi and Kanso. Here, we have discussed both of them

-Japandi Home Décor

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In the earlier article, we have discussed in detail on how to follow Japandi home decor. To make it simple, keep the foundation of the room simple and minimal, add every piece with great intent. Search for warm and muted decor elements that can add a dramatic look to the room. Subtlety should remain the core foundation of the home.

How to do it?

Minimalist homes mean to stay with less accessories, but it doesn’t foregoing the necessities. By carefully planning your home you can achieve this décor. Instead of opting for standard furniture, you can buy multi-functional storage furniture that can hold vast amount of items, thus freeing you from stress.

-Kanso home

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Though the name might look complex, but these homes are known for simple decor. These homes focus on movement of positive energy and space. It is one of the seven principles of zen whose focus is to make your home full of peace and happiness. Such homes are asymmetrical in nature, subtle and it feels they are free from worldly attachments.

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How you can do it?

The simplest way to achieve this look in your home is to add modest furniture or minimal artwork in your home. Keep the decor elements simple and thoughtful.

3 DE-clutter the home

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DE-clutter the home and organize the things. Invest in stylish storage space and follow daily cleaning routines to keep pace with the changing interior decoration style and spirit. This is the best way to master minimalist home decor trend.

4 Paint colors that promote this trend

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There are certain shades that make your house look grounds. Stick to it! By creating concise color palette, you will have a better sense of direction and can easily follow this trend. Neutral shades like white, cream, black and gray make your home look minimalist yet beautiful.

5 Minimal furniture items

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In order to welcome minimal interior trend, you need to be thoughtful before investing in the furnishing. The right assortment of furniture will forge a well-balanced space. Hence, it is important to invest in quality minimalist home furniture items. This is a simple approach to interior designing. Let each piece stand on its own without attracting negative energy due to inferior furniture materials.  Skip trendy home furniture items, opt for classic items that will stand test of time and will make your home look conservative and beautiful.

5 Functional accessories

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Certain functional accessories that can make your home look beautiful. Here are certain accessories that will help you to make your home look organized.

Storage Baskets

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Add storage baskets in your home. It is the simple way to organize laundry, art and craft supply material, toys and other elements. These baskets can even prove to be statement pieces. Needless to mention they are pocket-friendly, light weight and looks good. The baskets can be used in multi-functional ways, like it can be used as a plant holder, book holder or even be kept at the bedside table. They can also be used to keep your accessories. These baskets help to conceal all the cluttered items and make the home look organized.

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Minimal window treatments

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The minimal bedroom or living room should have curtains that look unique and have distinctive style on its own. Sheer curtains are a solution to that. They add a warm, neutral feel to the room and add sophistication. Moreover, they make your room appear larger than what it is.

Avoid over-sized accessories

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To get the minimalist design right, routinely edit the home pieces and avoid heavily stuffed pieces that create over stimulating effect. There should be a dedicated place for everything; nothing should be placed at random.


These simple accessories will instantly elevate the look of your room and will envelop it with aesthetic quality that is unparalleled. To enliven your home interiors and to welcome your home with minimalist home décor, make these adjustments. These simple hacks will give your home a refreshed look.