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Staircase is a functional component of the home that connects the space together but is often the first thing that the guests will notice. With such an important purpose, the staircase deserves an undivided attention. With pop of color or a glided chandelier they can instantly elevate the look of the stairs and transform into masterpieces. Here are some ways on how you can decorate the stairs of the home.

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Decorating the stairs

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Do you want to make your abode look stylish and modish? Well, the best way to revamp the look of the home is to change the look of the stairs. Changing the railing seems to be a jaded task. A new trend that is catching in is painted stairs.  These stairs are a novel way to revamp the look of the stairs; here’s how you can do it.

1 Striped runner carpet stairs

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Imagine what if a runner is permanently installed on your stairs? The striped runner’s stairs give home a colorful and classy appeal. It has a charm that makes your home look wonderful. Get your stairs painted in the white base color and then add contrast stripes to it.

2 Pastel shade stairs

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Coastal or pastel shade has become a big trend in the world of interior decoration. These colors add a fresh and young appeal to the room. You can select your favorite pastel shade and paint the staircase in one unified shade. Paint the railing also in the similar color to give your stairs an attic look.

3 Children Gallery on the staircase wall

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With thoughtful planning, your staircase walls can be easily transformed into gallery walls where you can add an artwork designed by your children. Moreover, gallery walls are fun decorating the space that can instantly energize the personality of the home.  But before placing an artwork, it is important to find a focal point. For example, if you plan to hang family photos, think about where the people will likely see it first and then build a collage or artwork and display them.

4 Add frames

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If children art gallery doesn’t entice you, add beautiful frames around the gallery wall. Whatever focal point you select, make your picture look apart. Don’t feel that all the frames should be of the same size; for that matter; you can add different frames to the gallery wall. It’s up-to you to decide what vibes do you want to convey.

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Before you starting framing the pictures, ensure that you measure the area. The key to hanging beautiful collages is to measure the spaces otherwise, it will consume a lot of time. Measure the back of the frame and ensure that the nail holes are straight. Do your maths and measure the distance between different frame sizes and thicknesses. When you are finished, ensure that everything is aligned according to space.

5 Alternating tiles

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Another way to decorate the stairs is to add faded aqua and French blue tiles installed on it. It will add a Bohemian touch to your conventional staircase. The alternating tiling arrangement will add character to the chairs and will help it to pop.

6 Pair it with other elements

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The best way for staircase makeover and to achieve a timeless and classic look is to layer the stairs with white and black elements of the home. You can contrast the railings to provide a luxurious look.

7 Classical look

Add a beautiful drawer around the base of the stairs. It will give your home a transitional look.

8 Add house plants

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It is the best way to achieve drool-worthy stairs without hammering a nail in your wall. A large indoor plant is the best substitute for large tricky art-work, while making a stylish impact to the space. A lash of fiddle lead fig on the base of the stairs adds texture to the walls and adds a height to the foyer.

9 For open foyer

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If you have an open foyer, don’t install the artwork that extends vertically along the stairs, instead of hanging the art work horizontally. This immediately brings attention to the home and adds interest and color to the look of the home.

10 Add bold wallpaper

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If the artwork doesn’t inspire you or you wish to update your traditional staircase, opt for patterned and bold wallpaper. This wallpaper will enliven the look of the stairs and will give your home a new look. But ensure that you use temporary wall paper or go for some punchy pattern.

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11 Clear vignettes

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Add an elegant and enviable vignette at the base of the staircase no matter how small your space is. Use a side table or use a night stand as a foyer table. Add a look of books and a vase with fresh cut foliage or flowers from your garden.

12 Floral stairs

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Add vibrancy in your home by giving your stairs a floral look. If your walls are monochrome, it will give your home a new look and will definitely amp the home interiors instantly.

13 Playful stairs

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You can give your stairs into a playful look by adding numbers to it. It will add a lot of fun to your child’s learning experience.

To conclude, the best way to revamp the look of the home is to change the staircase look. If you love this trend and want to adopt this trend , the above-mentioned are the popular ideas that you can follow.