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Have you ever heard about refrigerator on move? Well, if not then by default you must read this post.

What actually is refrigerator on move?

Here we are not talking about any dream come true or a magic wand…it is a scientific innovation, also known by the name of propane refrigerators.  Unlike standard refrigerator they are convenient and effective to use. It is a closed refrigerator that operates on a similar principle like electric refrigerators commonly used in the kitchen with the only difference that it uses propane instead of electrically powered pump. This kind of refrigerator is technically portable and is used for outdoor picnics and family gatherings.

Types of propane refrigerators

Propane refrigerators are of types:

Type A: RV propane refrigerator- it is also known as recreational vehicle refrigerator.  It uses electricity (AC/DC) or gas to operate and are often fitted into camping trailers or other kind of long distance travel vehicles.

Benefits– one of the main benefit of this kind of refrigerator is it is not limited to a particular power source. You can either switch for electric source or propane gas depending upon what is appropriate at that time. The disadvantage of this kind of refrigerator is- it causes fire hazards. Though the manufacturers have gone to an extra mile to ensure safety, yet using gas and electricity can be bit disconcerting. Moreover, the vigorous shaking of refrigerator during travel dislocates its key parts from its original position, which in turn reduces energy consumption and cooling efficiency.

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Type 2-Freestanding refrigerator-as the name suggests, freestanding refrigerator don’t require electric power and solely run on propane gas. Unlike, RC it may not have two power sources, but they rank high in terms of safety and thus it is better suited for use for home environment.

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Why propane refrigerator rank high in terms of popularity?

Well, it is an understood fact that propane refrigerator has become most sought after product because of its ability to function even without electricity. No wonder, technology has created a paradigm shift even in the remote areas, yet there are several places that do not enjoy this blessing.

Propane refrigerator is highly used in areas where there is no ready access to power like cabins, camp sites, remote villages, or other recreational zone. The only care you need to ensure is the water and ammonia mixture should be regularly heated. Moreover, they are available in various sizes to suit different demands.

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Needless to mention, the efficiency of propane refrigerator has steadily improved over the years. In fact, the level of consumption today is virtually half than it was earlier. Today’s propane refrigerator is environment friendly and easy to maintain.