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Build your own house may seem to be a good way to fully maximize every inch that you have based on your desire. You may also add your personal touch on the available building plan. By doing so, your house will never be just another ordinary house. It will be a real home that truly defines you.

In general, if you look at the 2D building plan, the basic shape for each building may vary one to another. But if you make a simple line, the building can be set into circular type, the block type and the U shape type. If you desire to build the U shape type home, having the rough detail that inspired by Garry Numan House as example will help you to think more about what kind of arrangement on the rooms

From the rough adopted building plan, you can see that the building is not as flat as any office building around. The width between the ground floor, the first floor and the second floor is not fully symmetrical. Applying this kind of design will ensure you that your home will have something different around. To make the planned building fit the safety standard, it will be wise to set further discussion with available related service first before you started the building process.

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u shape Interior Design Blogs

House Design u shape Interior Design Blogs

u shape homedesign Interior Design Blogs

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u shaped Interior Design Blogs

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u shapeu shape Interior Design Blogs

u shape designs Interior Design Blogs

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