Vented Hot Water Tanks

unvented hot water cylinder

Another common option that is used by the majority of the people to warm up the water is vented hot water tanks.  These are copper tanks which are filled with cold water from a header tank that is located at the top of the building and use gravity force to drive hot water in the home.  There is a vent pipe that links the hot water cylinder and the header tank.  Unlike the unvented system, where expansion of warm water is a hazard, in this case, the expansion takes place with the help of vent pipe and header tank.

The pressure is created by the height where the head water tank is located. This means there are chances that the pressure on the upper floors of the home is less but in the ground floor it is high.  As a result, there are many homes that have deployed electric pumps to standardize water pressure. The vented hot water cylinder is less complicated and, it for this reason, it is simple to maintain and install. It is cost-effective as compared to the unvented system.


In this, the water is heated directly by an internal element like an immersion heater. It is an expensive way of heating water. It is best for home that don’t have direct access to external heat.

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In the end, we would like to conclude that whatever main pressure hot cylinder you use, use it thoughtfully.