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Black Bathroom is an unpopular choice because it adds unexpected eyesore. The major complaint that people make is the black bathroom is very creepy. Imagine waking up in the morning and going directly to the black bathroom. You might miss the fixture and furniture inside the bathroom. Another complaint is that to create a unique identity the toilet bowl must also be in black color. However, most of the times, selection is trimmed down when searching for black bowl.

So, if you are a prosaic persion, consider black bathroom. This type of interior décor is a timeless décor when contrasted with white marble vanity area.

To give modern mood to the bathroom add sleek sconces, vanity mirror, inset with shagreen leather, all these add a luxurious touch to the bathroom.

To warm up the space add

that is set against a black painted wall. You can adorn the look with black and white accents, classic chandlier that completes the ecletic look.

To add feminine retreat to the bathroom use black walls with white fixtures. Do add drapery, chandalier and floral décor to make the bathroom stand out.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to add black and white mosaic tiles to the bathroom.  It will change the look, for sure.

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