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Home Office should be the center of productivity and efficency. Moreover, Feng Shui recommends you to create a clutter free zone that increases energy and productivity. Here are some ways to declutter your home office

Formulate a Lettter Pile– If you have tons of incoming mails, printed emails, and stack of catalogs, then you need letter pile. You can even store it on the bookshelves or on the floor, or to do later collection. When you are sorting the mails put non time sensitive incoming mails to this pile.

Book Bins– If you love to collect the books and magazines store them in the book bins. It lets you to sort books according to the subject or topic, so all your books are organized in a nice way.

Junk Drawer is a strict no no– Don’t make a room for the junk drawer, it may sound to be a good idea on the first instance, but latter you’ll end up piling odds and ends that you won’t be able to find when you need the same.

Ensure that you can see your desk– The papers, folders, junk mails will clutter up the desk, hence the neat idea is to declutter the deak and give yourself peace of mind.

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Last but not the least; consider paperless office, so that you have fewer files and through it you’ll be able to save some trees.


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