Coffee Table is the quintessential element of the living room, yet it is most neglected or is cluttered with lifestyle magazines and TV remote. As the coffee table is center of everyone’s attraction, so, why not accessorize it with right style.

Here are some tips on decorating or accessorizing the coffee table.

Adding Flowers to the coffee table– Adding flowers or herbs to the coffee table adds beauty and charm to the living room. Choose large pottery or small pottery arrangements depending upon the size of coffee table.

To bring serenity to the room, you can add candle in a glass hurricane or scented light candles.


Adding scaled accessories– A well accessorized coffee table has elements of varying size. For instance, use magazines, sculptural setting and flowers that grab the eyeball of every visitor. Avoid elements that have similar or large height, as it would look clumsy.

Stack magazines or books on one another to increase the scalability.

Add quirky accessories– Don’t forget to add quirky accessories to lighten up the mood. Here are some examples of quirky accessories- coral, glass orb, silver bowl or ginger jar.

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Adding Vintage white bird to the stack of books make your coffee table look chic and happening.

You can also opt for three small coffee tables with same height. When kept in asymmetrical arrangement, it would look amazing.

Adding trays– Adding trays to the coffee table increases the intrigue as well as storage space.

Minimal accessorizes makes the coffee table looks clean and tidy.


Explore your favorite ways and design your coffee table in an exquisite way.