Do you want to make your guest feel cozy or do you want reflect your style in front of your guests? If answer to any of this question yes, feel free to explore this post further.

Twin Beds– Why not add twin beds rather than adding a big mattress. Guests can consider sleeping apart or they can sleep on a master bed.


Closets– Don’t forget to add empty hangers in the closet. Another great option is to add free standing armoire that includes in built drawers; it will not only add to the storage space, but the things would look clean and tidy.

Chaise Longer– A chaise lounger or a small sofa set provides guest a cozy place to rejuvenate and refurbish themselves.

Don’t forget to oomph factor– You can add stack of fluffy pillows to make the bed lovely and charismatic.


Dressing Table– Dressing Table is the most essential component of guest room. So, make it tidy and adorable by adding a small cute little puppy.

Furniture-Garden stools with 18th century chairs is a heaven made combination. Try pouring out.