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If you’re not content with a Hawaiian themed living room and would want to continue the easygoing atmosphere as you sleep, then it’s just right to go for a Hawaiian bedroom too. Hawaiian-themed bedroom may involve more of the water and beach, instead of the usual tropical style you already have outside.

When working on a Hawaiian-themed bedroom, below are some tips:

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Place a hammock inside the bedroom. If you have enough space inside, then you may want to place a hammock in one corner of the bedroom, so that you can enjoy the laidback siestas the same way they do in Hawaii. However, if you’re in a cramped bedroom, you can just replace your bed and mattress with a bamboo alternative instead.

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Use beach colors on the walls. You may also want to change the color of your walls, and among your choices are yellow, orange, blue and green. You can mix and match them too, if ever you’re eyeing for a sunset vibe in your bedroom space.

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Go for beaded curtains. Instead of using regular curtains, it may be better to use beaded ones instead. The beaded curtain showcases a hippie vibe, especially those that come in different colors. If you’re not after beads, then use white lightweight ones instead.

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Hawaiian Bedroom

Switch to straw mats for floor rugs. You may also want to replace your rugs with straw mats, as they are present in almost every Hawaiian home. Straw mats are as well cool and versatile; you can also use them as wall covers too. Better pick mats that come in different colors to compliment the walls and the bed’s shades.