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Do you wish to give a new look to the bedroom?  Well, here are few tips and tricks on how to decorate the bedroom easily.






Decorating Tip 1- Pile up the pillows one on another and don’t shy away from mixing different patterns. Combine large prints together with small ones, floral and geometric prints.

Decorating Tip 2-Hang a graphic quilt in the home. It is an easy solution to cover up a dreary looking blank wall. Use contemporary bed linens in the bedroom.

Decorating Tip 3-  Add a printed bedspread in the home. It will make the home look distinctive and will add charm to the bedroom.  This kind of the bedroom doesn’t look overwhelming.

Decorating tip 4- Add prints in the bedroom- Prints are not just   reserved for the bedcovers. You can add texture here and there too. Texture and lampshades are the best way to accentuate modern bedroom.

Decorating Tip 5-Accentuate the home with lampshades and adjustable lamps affixed to the walls. It is the best way to optimize small space.

 Decorating Tip 6-Your bedroom should reflect your personality. So, go out of box and experiment with the designs as much as possible. Hang artwork, create photogallery in a corner, or do whatever to showcase your creativity.

Decorating Tip 7- To make the bedroom look unique and distinguishing add fanciful curves of the headboard. It will further amplify home decoration.

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 Decorating Tip 8- Top up your bedcover with stylish down comforter. For a total indulgence select eider down.

Decorating Tip 9- a piece of furniture can act as a focal point for the room. This approach is more efficient for small spaces.

Decorating Tip 10-Measure the size of the bedside lamp with the scale of the bed.  If the bed is high, then you need a large fixture otherwise choose something smaller.

Decorating Tip 11-Add wall painting in the bedroom- It will make the bedroom look striking and beautiful. Another trick to make your bedroom look stunning is to add wall paper. Wall papers can be sometime sticky and full of hassle, and it requires attention while installing the same, but the magic that it lends is indescribable in words. Different kinds of wall paper are suited for different kind of bedroom, so select it with a great caution.