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We all know that India is governed by tropical climate. Many places in our country have a moderate, hot temperature throughout the year. With proper cross-ventilation and lightning system that suit the climate, architects and interior designer can take benefits of modern climate and make the optimal use of energy and improve the comfort of the living spaces.

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Earlier, the homes used to have higher ceilings with rooms arranged in the courtyard. This kind of planning is well suited for the climate, as it creates differential pressure between the surrounding rooms and courtyard that helps to maintain continuous flow of air within the home. In present conditions, with soaring real estate prices, large homes typically have a vertical instead of horizontal spread, thus eliminating the courtyard concept. In such a scenario, it has become important that homes should be designed in a way that takes into consideration wind direction and sun path. Good cross ventilation with a large home can be easily achieved by designing spaces to have openings on the opposite side, creating a draft of air within the home. One of the openings should be in southwest corner of the home. Home with several volumes, split levels and double height spaces are important as it improves the circulation of air within the home. The same air has a large space volume of air.
How to reduce dependence on artificial lightning?

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The need for dependence on artificial lightning can be reduce by using larger windows in home, sky light glass partitions and French windows. Large openings and the glass walls need to be designed carefully that allow maximum light to pass within the home, but at the same time not to enhance the inside temperature due to increased sun light. Larger openings should be planned both in north and east directions of the home, as it will allow ample light to flow by. For larger openings and glass walls planned on different sides, and care should be taken to ensure proper shading is provided to cast shadows and eliminate the direct sun rays. Natural sunlight plays an essential role and it can be used in different ways within the home. For example, it helps to keep toilet odour less, clean and bacteria free. This can be done with a skylight to allow sunlight through the day, thus turning the toilets fresh and well illuminated. Lights can be used to create interior and exterior patterns of the home.

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