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A Christmas is an occasion that marks the end of the Dark Age and the revival of peace, happiness and sunshine. To celebrate it, people like throwing a bash and decorating their homes with fairy lights or tea light holders, wreaths and Christmas trees. If you are planning for a small get-together creating a Xmas table is mandatory. Let’s learn how you can decorate it.

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Buy a Multicolor ceramic Christmas tree and place it at the centre of the table-The green leaves ceramic Christmas tree is enchanting and is a perfect addition to your Christmas table. It will make your Christmas decorations look a notch up. They are the epitome of love and remind you of the vintage era. Unlike plastic, they are durable and voice out rural artisans’ artwork. Since these trees are made from clay, little care is required to maintain them. Also, the multicolour ceramic Christmas tree can be used multiple times and easily stored and installed.


Buy white-coloured dinner ceramic plates: Give your festive decorations a twist with brand-new ceramic dinner plates. These plates are made from high-quality materials and have an extra toughened look. They are dishwasher and microwave friendly. These plates will make your Christmas celebration extravagant and quirky. It is ideal for daily usage too. You can buy the set from Vareesha.


Wooden ceramic cutlery set and napkin holder– If you are hosting a small formal get-together dinner party for Christmas, a cutlery stand with a napkin holder set is a must-have. These wooden sets emit a rustic vibe and are simple and stylish. The set comes in different capacities and has generous compartments to hold different items easily. It is a practical utility item which requires zero maintenance.

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Serving bowls: Serving bowls is a part of Christmas quirky table decoration. The bowls are hand painted and handcrafted, making your task of serving hassle-free. They are dishwasher-safe and temperature resistant. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option, buy ceramic serving bowls. These bowls are available in different designs and are pleasing to look at. They are easy to clean and retain strength even after multiple uses.


Wine glasses-even experts vet the benefits of drinking red wine, so why not make this occasion special and larger than life with white wine glasses? These glasses are durable and versatile and can also be used to fill other drinks. So, if you savour the drinks at home or want to please or delight the guests, investing in these glasses is the best bet.


Planters– this Christmas, spread the message “save the earth” by placing planters at the centre of the table as a showpiece. These planters will add a fresh vibe to your home and let you maintain sanity amidst the hullabaloo created by the guests.

Various companies offers a range of Christmas home decor accessories to give your home a bright look. So, if you want to enhance the feel of the occasion, you can add these items to your cart or visit the store.