Plants add vivacity of life to the homes. With stressful lives, plants are a beautiful way to de-stress yourself. They have long been part of home interior design and artists and industry experts have found a brand new way to add some sunshine in your life. Integration of lights and plants are the most innovative way to perk up the look of the home. Although it is a tough task, but you can always search for the online artisans that can create beautiful art with glass and simply you can purchase it online. What you can do to make your home look apart is to complement with the home décor. Lighting can make or mar the place, it can always change the overall look of the room.Here are some ways on  how to use it:

Bedrooms are the best place to keep these plant lamps. They give you a sense of peace and tranquility. They work beautifully in a personal space like a bedroom.

You can add it in a living room. So, don’t shy away from adding the right type of plant lamp to accentuate the home space.

The lamp also does wonders in library, study or office space