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Designing a kid’s bedroom can be sometimes a tedious and demanding task. One has to be careful on space availability and pay attention to the minute details from choosing the paint color to furniture designs to study table. One has to be really creative and innovative to design twin kid room as each and everything has to be similar for both of them.

Here are some design ideas which can be incorporated for designing the kid’s bedroom.

• Bunk Beds are one of the alternative which saves space as well. They are considered as fashionable and stylish. Generally, these beds come with the railings for the kid safety. Bunk beds make the kids feel that they have their own clandestine zones. These bunk beds are made up of wood and you have several choices available from simple to designer.

• If bunk beds are loathed by the kids two separate beds on the opposite sides of the walls with a night lamp on their head can be opted for.

• If you have a boy and a girl as twins try using different color divider. Rugs to bed linens of diverse colors can divide the space in two different zones. It is not necessary to add only the traditional “blue” for boy and “pink” for girl color. You can use favorite colors for both of them.

• Care has to be taken that space is used resourcefully. A separate storage space should be allocated to both to avoid any muddle.

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• Further using a monogrammed pillow for both kids give a personalized look. Adding each child’s name on the wall paper on their respective sides is another unique way of personalization.

• To set up personal spaces for both in small rooms make the maximum use of the corners, give opposite corners to each child. The more you compress them to the corners more is better.

• As already stated colors can be used as imaginary divider for both but this imaginary line could be drawn real by placing a book case in between two beds.

• For maximum utilization of spaces in closet, allow two rods to be placed. Hooks can also be attached to the sides of closet to allow both the kids to hang their bath towels.

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