renovate your house and keep the stress Interior Design Blogs

We often buy homes with the intention to renovate and improve it when we get the time and money.  Another situation is that we buy a home that works for our current situation, and then in time, our family grows bigger and we need more space.  Sometimes if we have lifted in a place for a long time, even though you were completely happy within when you moved in, you may want to invest in upgrading some well-used rooms, like the kitchen or the bathroom.  Because we hear such horror stories of remodelling and renovating becoming such a hectic experience, one can often steer away from doing it because it is easier to avoid it for now.  But there is such great pleasure in modernising and improving our home that it is well worth the exercise, you just need to be prepared and know what to look out for.
renovate your house and keep the stress Interior Design Blogs

The quick, easy and affordable place to start

A coat of paint and new flooring or tiles can transform your space with relative ease and low cost.  Considering the stark difference, it can make to your room, the cost is comparatively small for the value that you get.  If you live in Sydney, find decorative tiles Sydney and identify places near you that you can go to and check out.  Compare prices, look at different tile qualities and patterns.  Different purposes require different tiles and durability also places a role in cost.  Think about where you’ll be installing the tiles and then speak to one of the floor staff for advice.

Don’t be afraid to start

It is often quite easy to fix up your house without it being crazy stressful money bleeding affair.  And while many people who have renovated will say it is highly stressful and you always go over budget, in many ways, these are the signs and symptoms you can use to help negate this.  If budgets always run over, then plan for overspending.  Build in a contingency plan that can help prepare you for the unexpected expenses which could ordinarily blow your budget and slow down the renovations.  Always negotiate costs, but don’t cut corners.  Often prices can be brought down if you negotiate, but don’t cut on quality

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Knowing where to start?

If you want to change a whole room at your property and give it the full makeover, they say it is better to go from top to bottom, ending off with your floors. The work done often makes a mess, so instead of constantly worrying about mistakes, spilled paint, chipped tiles, stained walls, start with the ceiling and you won’t have to worry about gravity.  Once you have done the ceiling, then work on the walls, floors and then lastly, the skirting.  That way you aren’t having to redo work or fix things up, any mistakes or mess that is made can be cleaned up and sorted when you get to that part of the process.