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The concept of small bathroom may vary from people to people and even from city to city. Normally a bathroom with area of 16 square feet to 50-60 square feet is termed as small bathroom.

With the growth of urbanization space constraints have been a major issue. So, why not make a small place a better place to live in. We can make your small bathroom look larger and feel larger without adding any square footage with the help of following tips:

  • A minor change with the color and lightening systems in the bathroom a lot can change which might look and make your bath room feel larger. For example try using soft and light colors which tend to give illusion of space.
  • Use of pedestal sinks is also one of the options as it saves the space. Vanity cabinets below the sinks are cool to look at but they normally require a larger space leaving less room available hence avoid using vanity cabinets as an option.
  • Use extra bright lights are an added advantage. Use light above the basins.
  • Doors must be designed with lot of thinking as “door swing” must be avoided.
  • One should avoid using shelves and hanging racks in fact avoid using anything that that sticks out as this shrinks the space in the bath room.
  • Try placing the toilet seats, sinks along one side of the wall to reduce the cost.
  • Use larger mirrors to reflect the light and also the pattern.
  • Try choosing pastel colored flooring just like pale colored walls.
  • Remove any obstructions like frosted glass bath or shower door or even clear glass bath.
  • If you are an art lover try decorating the walls with paintings.
  • A clean neat bathroom always looks spacious.21 Interior Design Blogs 31 Interior Design Blogs 41 Interior Design Blogs 61 Interior Design Blogs 71 Interior Design Blogs 81 Interior Design Blogs 91 Interior Design Blogs 111 Interior Design Blogs 121 Interior Design Blogs 131 Interior Design Blogs 141 Interior Design Blogs