bathroom decor

Earlier Are you still stuck in the era of 1980’s? Well, don’t get stuck, now its time for bathroom makeover: delete that pipework behind the toilet and at the end of the bath both of which are created to make your bathroom look ugly.

Here are some ways on how to makeover your bathroom easily.
Present- The classic bathroom layout is many of us crave for. So, how to make it look really good and practical? Here we have answered all such questions.

Build in Storage for sleek lines
The right hand wall can be bought forward to hide the pipe work and to allow space for inbuilt cupboard and a wall hang, back to the wall toilet. By doing so, you can keep the bathroom storage items hidden and give the room straight lines that it lacked in the first course, helping it to feel spacious and big.


Add dramatic interest– In order to add dramatic interest to the bathroom, you can reject the traditionally patterned glimmer and add metallic glamour. The bathroom tiles carried along with bath panel and this continuation gives false illusion of space.


Incorporate Fit Light Reflecting Wall covering
Whether it is wallpaper covering or tile covering. It has glamorous look in it. In case, it is a small space, feel free to incorporate in that space. Doing so, will create a feeling of depth and it will help to reflect light.


Saves space
It is highly recommended to add a towel rail to both the end of the bath. It helps in saving a lot of space and a plain glass screen goes well into the background and it surely heightens the feeling of space.

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Another problem that is most commonly faced by an individual is how to do makeover of a wet room. Well, in the olden times the wet room was one larger part of the bathroom and now it is one of the two rooms. The room transformation needs to be done from scratch along with new windows, walls and flooring. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Earlier there was a little choice on how to change the layout of room and how to get it right, but now options are endless. Here are some tips for the same.

Try to keep the layout simple


The position of the window means that the loo is the sole place for sanitary ware that one can sit here. However, now it is pulled out from the wall to make the space practical and good looking. Here you can fit alcove shelves.

Sleek window dressing

Venetian blinds offer required privacy and also filters excessive light from the room- another option is shutters and window film.
Coordinate with overall scheme

The wood of the blind should be in theme with bathroom shelves. Within walk in shower the floor tiling should go well with the overall theme of the room, thus making the room spacious.
Add a hint of luxury by using wide sinks.