Creating luxurious bathroom designs is design comes into reality, but it needs some conditions. Everybody think that it comes with a budget. But is it true? Well, let’s break this assumption. Luxurious bathroom designs are a combination of elegant design, good decoration and perfection in appliance selection. For a small bathroom, one can show luxurious look by using the right technique. This article presents you with some conditions on how to get a dream bathroom.


Commence from the wall- The first step to create luxurious bathroom designs is to start from the walls. In every decoration, no matter which room you are facing, wall is crucial thing, because large element grabs the attention of the visitor. So, what kind of decoration to showcase will create a long lasting impression?  One of the easy and cheap ways is to apply faux painting. You can transform how your bathroom looks in any style that you need. Other ideas include: cover wall with a wallpaper or use glossy wall tile and arrange it to form a particular image like heart and flower. The last idea is same as faux painting, through different material.


Go green- Besides fresh look and to make bathroom look luxurious, go green decoration is one of the favorite decoration styles. It makes you feel close to the environment. Further, it will transform the overall look of the bathroom. It will make it look relaxing. If you are planning to create a spa room in bathroom, opt for this style. The best way to do it is combine white and green like wall painting. White denotes a primary wall color and sage denotes accent color. To accentuate the room further add green curtains with flower or leaf pattern. Near the bathtub, add fresh green plant in a glass vase or jars.


Bathroom flooring- another element is flooring. Don’t miss it to consider when finding luxurious bathroom designs. If you have enough money, use granite and marble. It is an ultimate choice. But what happen if you are limited in budget? Don’t worry; opt for wooden pattern tiles and linoleum. Wooden pattern tiles are unique tile. It has similar pattern and look like a wood. It is as perfect as hardwood floor. Linoleum offers you unlimited possibilities according to your taste. Another idea is creating a picture in the wall using tiles. You will get these tiles at home improvement store. They offer many tiles along with interesting pictures. All you need to do is to form a certain picture.

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Lightning- Lightning is an important element for modern decoration. Chandelier, pendant lamp, bulb lamp and mount wall lamp are few ideas. Several lamp cover certain area are better to create luxurious impression than one strong lamp with wattage to cover all area. Using different lamps together makes possible to form a unique decoration style.


Vanity- In order, to create luxurious bathroom designs, you don’t need to buy expensive vanity. If required, you can buy from an antique store or maybe from existing bathroom vanity. What you need to transform is to repaint it. Use a bathroom vanity as an ascent element in a smart way. Paint the furniture with a bold color in contrast to a wall color. For instance, if  you paint the wall with neutral colors, paint bathroom vanity in sage green or maroon red. It is best decision. You may even add a sticker as a decorative accessory, but keep it elegant and simple.


Window treatment- Window shutters and blinds are good. To make bathroom look modern, you can adjust light, so that it may enter your bathroom easily. Even you can add some elements like flowers, jars, resin sculpture, fruits in a glass plate and add family photos at window. It is easy and cheap way to decorate home. Roman blonds with lace decoration along with edge border are available in different colors and designs.

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Mirror Effect- If you don’t know on how to decorate bathroom, use a mirror. It’s perfect if you install mirrors in more than one size and shape. Bigger is better to make bathroom look bright. If you use it in a right direction, it will work well and reflect light. Use metal frame or ornament frame made from copper. Another idea is to install LED lamp around mirror as a frame. It really looks amazing.