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Whether you are interested in colour or design for a while or you are just getting started with the first room, you already know that there is much hype about colour and home decoration. Colour is the fundamental element of any home or something that you’ll have in every room. Approaches to bring these colours into space and feelings of how much to incorporate depends upon era to era trends to trends. It may continue to come and go in every room, but unless you have a room with a clear plastic furniture and glass walls, a grasp of how to manage colour in an effective is one of the steps in creating room that you’ll love to live in.



There is another good reason why colour is one of the most discussed topics with respect to design. Not only does it appear in every room designed, you need to say a lot about the finished room what it actually is and what it really does. Do you want to make the room that’s energizing? Professional or  are you looking out for a place that is warm and inviting to relax after a long day? Whatever you are looking for a room, colour is the main element to make the room feel other way around. Over the years, a number of different techniques have evolved to help the designers to feel professional and novice. Starting from colour wheels to colour boards, there are enough of options of colour theory and psychology in between. And while it is all useful, it can get a bit complicate, while designing the rooms is not what you do for the living.  But good news is that there is only three kinds of decisions that you need to zero down upon while making colour choices in your home: the smaller ones, the medium one and the large one.

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Small colour choices are the one that most of us are familiar with. They are like little pops of colour for example throw pillows, textiles and other accessories that most of us use and they add visual interest to our rooms. Small colour choices are the ones that are easier to make. Less labour intensive than painting the walls and it is less expensive than buying a colourful couch, small color choices are the modest approach to tones and shades that make the space changeable. In the space dominated by neutral tones, creating a new color story would be as easy as swapping the pillows. The classic black and white palette adds warmth to the room.