Underwater Theme makes your kid near to the nature. Now, if your child is really interested to dive deep into the sea we recommend you following five steps for his bedroom.

Paint– Immerse the bedroom of your child into the blue color. There are so many hues of blue color; you have to strike a perfect deal. To give more realistic experience you can add sand color paint on the rock bottom of the wall.

You can paint bubbles on the wall, apply wall murals representing fish, or add sea creatures like turtle, sea weed, and fish. This can be done by using stencil or you can even hire a professional person who can provide you with amazing themes.

Another way to décor the home wall can be to tear out pictures from magazines and apply your creativity there.

Furniture– After painting the home the next step is to add furniture that creates resonance with the paint. There are various décor to suit your style all you need to do is to hire a professional interior designer.

Accentuate– Now the next step is to accentuate the bedroom with the right accessories. For instance, you can add window curtain that can be up sand like color or purchase window blinds of sand color. The motifs, pillow, bed sheet everything can accentuate the room.

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Rugs- Don’t forget to add rugs that suit the look of the bedroom. Blue rug is something your child will admire. Sandy rug or chest shaped rug is another option.