gala futuristic sauna bathroom

Sauna provides you with a rejuvenating experience. From the ancient times, sauna is being used as a tool to detoxify your mind and body. It is known by other names like dry heat bath, steam bath or sweat bath.  With sauna, you sweat excessive toxic waste and it assists you to regulate the temperature naturally. It not only energizes your mind but it also help in improving your beauty.

Even the sauna bath provides you with host of health benefits like it assist people with the problems of bronchitis and other similar respiratory problems. It is even a good way to trim down the weight. If you spend around ten to fifteen minutes in sauna it will be equivalent to one hour of exercise.

Sauna bath truly makes you feel on the top of the world. If you’re novice to sauna bath we recommend you to start with the process gradually. If you are feeling better, then you can increase the temperature. It is prescribed that one should not take sauna just after the consumption of a meal or after alcohol or prescribed drugs like tranquilizers; instead it is advised to take bath during the morning time.

This bath proves to be highly beneficial to the normal persons, but it is not good for heart patients and pregnant women. Earlier the sauna was the luxury of hotels and resorts, but now with the advent of technology it has penetrated in our daily bathrooms too.

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Here are some of the unique designs that will surely appeal you.

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Forest Hills photo 07 bathroom

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GLS 1712F Copy bathroom

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