bathroom cleaning stuff

For many individuals, a toilet cleaning task is the most feared responsibility. Either you hate it or love it, toilet washing is a must-do duty that cannot be eluded. The restroom is the main grime and dirt appealing area. It is because we just try to spot the filthyspace and wash only that much rather than doing a cleaning task daily.
Bathroom Cleaning

If you leave your washroom as it is, there is a possibility that you had to book an appointment of handyman services to get rid of unwanted stuff. To help you with this chore, we have shared a completetoilet cleaning list. Whether daily, weekly or monthly, keep an eye on the list to guarantee your toilet sparkles daily and it is germ-free.

Gather Your Cleaning Stuff

bathroom cleaning stuff

First main thing is to gather all at once so you are not killing time searching a cleaner or tool whereas you are already in the dense of cleaning. For this you must have:

  • Bucket
  • Clean rags
  • Glass cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Lint-free cloth or newspaper
  • Multi-surface cleaning spray
  • Scrub brush
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Towel
  • Toilet brush
  • Tile, tub, and grout cleaner or bath scrubber

Step 1:
Clear your toilet shelves. Rapidly clear up all makeup, toiletries, and hair supplies. Switch off appliances (if any) and take away from the selvesalso.

Step 2
Wear gloves and use the Bath Scrubber to get rid of soap layer and dirt from the tiles, tub and shower curtains. Spray toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet seat, ensure to spray below and around the rim. Squirt the countertop and basin with multi-surface cleaning spray.

Step 3
Puta few inches of hot water in the sink. Damp one of your clean clothes in water, and then clean the sink and counter top thoroughly, cleaning the cloth as compulsory. Then the rag must be squeezed out. Drain the water present in the sink and dry it with some clean towel.

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Step 4
Use the latrine brush to brush the inside the toilet seat and rim, and then spray your preferred multi surfaces cleaning spray to clean the lid, seat, and the complete toilet. Flush it and wipe it with a towel.

Tip: Put a toilet brush in a container filled with bleach to rapidly clean the toilet seat.

Step 5
Take a warm water-filled bucket, and then rinse the shower wall to wash away the cleaner. After the shower walls have been cleaned thoroughly, clean the complete tub and shower with a towel.

Step 6
Squirt mirrors with glass cleaner, and then take any old newspaper or lint-free cloth to wipe for a streak-free glossy mirror.

Step 7
Afterward, for a really shiny bathroom and free ofhorrible water spots, squirt the counter top, sink, bathtub, and all fixtures with glass cleaner. Rub it all clean with a clean towel.

Step 8
Throw the filthy clothes in the washing machine and put other cleaning stuff to their suitableplace.

Step 9
you haven early completed your toilet cleaning! As a last step, squirt air freshener to have a light, fresh fragrance.

Things to keep in mind

    • • Stop moisture in its tracks.
    • • Coat shower walls and doors with water repellent.
    • • Skip bar soap and go for liquid soap at the sink.
    • • Create order in your cabinets.
    • • Install ample towel bars.
    • • Search for long-lasting cleaners.
    • • Hide a container of cleaning wipes beneath the sink.
    • • Keep a pile of dryer sheets close to you.
    • • Clear all the counters.
    • • Dust daily — and don’t forget the fan
    • • Take care of the toilet — and keep that lid closed
    • • Take out the trash on daily basis
    • • Set a schedule

How can I make my toilet germ-free?

toilet germ-free

  • Germs can be gone away by just ensuring your bathroom is cleanand uncontaminated.
  • Ensure you clean the toilet as frequently as possible & make sure it’s organized also.
  • By just taking care of these things, you eradicate the circumstances for germs to grow, in that way safe guarding your toilet from such unsolicited stuff.