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Small bathrooms are very common, even in large homes. This is because most homeowners think that bathrooms are built only to serve a purpose, and that is to provide the proper venue for bathing and toilet needs.

Small Bathroom Ideas (1)

But even small bathrooms can be styled up and made to look larger than their actual size. This could be done in many ways, and among the ideas you can start doing today are:

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1. Place a wall-to-wall mirror. Most mirrors are installed vertically in the bathroom, but if you want to reflect more space inside, then you can set up one that reaches the ends of the bathroom wall. This kind of mirror spreads out the space of the bathroom, making it look wider to the eyes.

Small Bathroom Ideas (1)

2. Place vanities accordingly. You may want to place a vanity under the bathroom sink. This set up saves space and offers easy storage and access of items such as toiletries and linens without having to block your way inside.

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3. Curtains can be better than sliding doors. One important aspect of any bathroom is quick access. If you have a small bathroom, then it may be better to let go of the shower doors and use curtains instead. Shower curtains provide the same privacy between the bath area and the toilet, without the fuss of the sliding door.

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4. Make use of towel hooks and holders. If your bathroom is too cramped for a vanity, then better use a wall hook instead. Wall hooks and holders offer instant access to linens, and you don’t have to make the extra effort to get them from the vanity anymore.