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Gone are the days, when magazines and newspapers were the only way available to decor the bathroom. With passage of time, the bathrooms have shed their old image of necessity and now it is a part of luxurious home. The only necessity tag has been removed. Owing to lifestyle of the people in fact luxurious bathroom has become necessity. After a hectic day and commute filled with pollution, taking a bath or having own personal spa or hot shower is the best way to get rid of stress. Hence, it is important for an individual using the bathroom to feel relaxed and devoid of noise and din. These days it has become common to add television set, wall paintings and temperature controller to the bathroom. Once considered as add- ons of the wealthy individuals, today more and more people have started using personalized bathroom.

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Go for lighter shades of blue on the walls and tiles inside the bathroom. Lighter shade lends soothing effect to the mind and offers elegant look to the bathroom. The bathroom can be further decorated depending upon budget of individual. Even accessories like fluffy towels, artificial flower pots and other stylish utility trays can be added to give that special look to the bathroom. Depending upon size, placement and budget the bathroom can be designed to fulfill individual needs as well as to provide a modern look.

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