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green-bedroom-ideas-paintGreen is a calm colour that tends to bind us closer to nature like the colour blue. It offers wonderful backdrop for paintings, and creates brilliant accents, forms tropical or a coastal kind of bedroom, and it is a modern alternative to adding bold colours. Whether you want to create cozy home appearance, tropical retreat or something traditional; here are some ideas for interior decorators and homeowners, which will help you to remodel the bedroom.


It is one of those colours that come in different shades and hues that you can use it either as a trim or may be as a main colour. Selecting a green for the bedroom depends much upon your personal style and preference as it does on other furnishing. Green is generally considered as nature’s colour, tranquil color, and makes it relaxing color in the bedroom no matter what shade you select.


Green is the best color to select in tropical coastal kind of bedrooms. The bedroom can be decorated with different ideas. The question arises how to incorporate green color in the bedroom by using basic white bedroom furniture, wooden beams, muted green paints and many accents are possible additions that you can make to design. If you are not add all these elements, here are the steps that will help you:


Paint either trim or walls in green colors that you select. You can add depth and interest in the room by painting the long walls with dark green color that you paint the shorter walls, for instance the walls that are of neutral color like beige or off white are a contrast that works the best.

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Add linens to the room that have green elements in it, but they aren’t solid. For instance, you may select a rug that reflects the shade that you select for the walls or throw pillow that have complementary green color, but not same as window trim.


Add green plants to the bedroom to add a level of interest to the room and green and natural elements.

Use contrasting colors to the bedding; if you have all the green walls. If your walls are a light spring green, for instance, you may have to select neutral brown or off white for your bedding or even bright like purple to contrast with the wall décor.


Avoid using everything in your room with green colour. Use green, as a bold or a bright color or as an accent. Give your room other elements of interest and other colors that you want your eye to focus on.