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As per Vaastu Shastra, living room should be situated in east or north direction. The apt location of a living room depends upon plot facing. It should be located in northeast direction for east and north facing home. The living room can be located in northwest for west facing home. In south facing home, the living room can be in south east.


Where furniture is to be placed?

living room sofa
The furniture should be placed in west or in south direction. The furniture like showcase or heavy articles should be placed in south or west direction. It should be in rectangular or square, oval, circular or odd shape. TV should be incorporated in south east direction. Living room doesn’t permit TV to be placed in north east or south-west corner.
Where to place cooler, a.c or other electronic equipments?

Cooler or AC should be placed in west or north direction. Avoid using A.C or cooler in southeast and northwest direction. Telephone should be placed in east, north east or south east direction. It should be placed in south west direction. It should not be placed in south-west or the north-east corner.
Where to place the aquarium


Aquarium is highly beneficial to add it in North, East and North- East of the living room. The faults related to north-east direction can be corrected easily by putting an aquarium. So, avoid placing aquarium in south direction as it withdraws positive energy from the home.
Where to add painting in the room

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The use of painting or wall hanging creates pleasant environment in the room. Painting of waterfall and rising sun generates positive energy. Avoid paintings that resemble death, violence and negative aspects of life.
Colors that suit the living room

living room sofa
The colour of wall in living room should be white, green, yellow or blue. It is important to prefer light colours as compared to dark colour. Avoid black colour in the living room.
Lightning in the living room

Lightning in the living room should be bright. If chandelier is hanging in living room, it should be slightly tilted towards west and not at the centre of the room.
Doors of the living room

The doors of the living room should be added in east or in north direction because doors are considered to be very auspicious in these directions. There should not be image of any God hanged in living room or at entrance door. Windows in east and north are quiet beneficial.