Designing a tiny apartment is a difficult task. You need to make sure that the space looks sleek, stylish and saves a lot of space. If you are one of those person, who dreams of having a luxurious bedroom, but has compact space at the moment, don’t fret, here are some hacks that will make your bedroom space into an elegant area.

Tips to consider

If you really have a studio apartment, eliminate the side tables. Keep the space as much free as possible.

Instead of adding a lamp on your side table-hang it up. Make your own lamp by use of the internet. Pendant lights would also work well.

If you want to buy a lovely table then buys a console table. However, buy a table that doubles up as a shelf when placed against a wall.

Remember, wet towels not only ruin the look of the bedroom, but also ruin the area where it is kept, so it is better to hang towels behind the door. No here we are not talking about adding extra hooks to the door-rather hang them on rods or pipes at the back of the door frame.

Want to add a table that serves as work table but have space constraint? Buy a bed side desk that acts as a working table just by adding a chair.

Though the bed occupies major space in the bedroom-the best way to utilize the space is by adding some bed risers. It will elevate the bed and provide you ample storage space.

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Opting for sofa cum bed is another brilliant idea

If you are bit low on budget, add an air mattress on milk crates. They will not only deceive the eye but will also offer a secret storage space.

To create false illusion of space, add some mirrors, hang tables from above. You can even use that place by adding a plant.

Instead of opting for a headboard to hide the shelves behind cover them up with curtains. It will not only offer enough storage space, but will also give a room focal point.

Even if your drawers is old, don’t throw it, stack them up against the bed and create innovative storage shelves.