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Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you relax and create memories. The colours in your bedroom define your personality and speak for it. It impacts how you awaken up and feel and your appetite. Depending on your age, gender, ethnic origin, or climate, it affects the people differently. Also, the room’s size is affected by the colour. Try to incorporate soothing colours; here’s how you can choose them.

Pull-Out Beds

Determine what you want

Different colours behave differently. For example, light shades in your room look spacious and airy, making the space look bigger and brighter, whereas dark shades add cosiness and warmth to the room. It makes you feel intimate. 

Here are the few colours that you can add to your bedroom


If you want to evoke mystery in your room, black is the strongest dramatic colour associated with power and elegance. The colour makes your room bold and beautiful.


It is the most liked colour among people across the globe. The colour resembles water and sky. It cools the room and adds a sense of happiness to the room. The majority of blue shades express loyalty, cleanliness, understanding and trust. On the flip side, blue is a representation of depression, and it is said to lower your blood pressure. Since it is a tranquil colour that relaxes your body and mind, it is highly preferred in the bedroom. But be careful; the shades of blue, like pastel blue, come across as chilly colours when added to the walls or furnishings. The best blue shades you can incorporate in the bedroom are warmer blue, turquoise, etc.


Brown is a shade that denotes Mother Earth. It is a colour that reflects our surroundings. It provides you with a feeling of solidarity and warmth. If you are confused about starting the brown bedroom home decoration trend, start with the wooden furniture, hang colourful paintings, and framed photos, paint the walls, introduce bright brown drapery, sofa set, and accessorise it with brown rugs, cushions, stools, etc. If you don’t want to overdo the brown shade, go for combination shades like brown with beige, brown with pastel green, etc. Add accent furniture to create a focal point. The shade can blend in with any neutral shade to give you an inviting bedroom.

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The colour is a symbol of prosperity. It is a soothing colour that reflects our ecology and environment. The shade deeply impacts your brain; it protects you from depression, is restful and relieves anxiety and nervousness from within. It provides a sense of freshness and harmony. It works practically for every room, including your bedroom, because it combines the liveliness of blue and the subtleness of yellow. While it is a cool shade, it also adds intimacy to the bedroom. It is an excellent shade for the bedroom because it aids in conceiving. You can incorporate the shade by adding plants and shrubs, wall paint, etc. As per the study conducted by Dulux paints, painting the walls with a green shade brings you a good night’s sleep and cures the problem of restlessness.

Neutral shades

Neutral colours are muted shades that most people like to have in their bedrooms due to the calmness they invoke. The best neutral shades you can go for are beige, taupe, grey, and white; you can blend them with primary shades like red, black and white to get other shades. It gives depth to the room. You can add them as your wall paint, cushion cover, tables, sofas, or chairs; the options are endless. Juxtapose neutrals with bright and bold shades to grab the eyeballs.


It is a sunset colour and denotes life, vitality, warmth and excellence. It denotes energy and serenity. 

The shade is bold and conjures a feeling of excitement among the people. It improves the energy level and heals the lungs. It can set your mood. You can colour the bedroom wall with this shade to lighten up your boring room. In starting, it may not be easy to put your eyes at ease, but slowly the bolder shade will become a part of your life.


It is a rich, dramatic shade that you can add to your bedroom. Its look is luxurious and creative when used with secondary colours. It uplifts the room, calms the body and mind, and restores your sanity. However, we suggest you add lighter shades of purple like lavender and lilac to risk too much boldness.

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It is a symbol of purity and inspires many. You can add this to your bedroom to maintain mental vitality and clarity.

You can add some shades to your bedroom to get a soothing effect. However, an overdose of these colours will impede your mood and have a negative impact. 



So, start with fabric, carpets, chairs, and other accessories; once you are used to them, paint them on the wall. When it comes to combinations, limit to three or four colours; otherwise, the room will look congested. You can experiment, but with caution. Selecting a colour is a personal decision; since you will have to live with it, select a colour near your personality.