Many people prefer to decorate the home with bright hues, but don’t know how to do so. Yellow and orange are no doubt the most pretty and refreshing shades for your home décor. They exude colors and adds up the space. It instantly perks up the look of any room and make it look cheerier, brighter and more welcoming, even when you may not get ample sunlight in the room. However, orange and yellow can be used as accent colors, since too much of bright shades in a small space can overwhelm the home décor. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the home with orange and yellow shade.

Idea 1- add in form of furniture or upholstery

Yellow and orange shades grab everyone’s attention and this shade is best reserved for room that you want to stand out. You can add this shade in form of piece of furniture in yellow paint or orange upholstery is the best choice, especially when rest of the room is balanced in neutral shades.

Idea 2-combine yellow with white

In classic home interior decoration, yellow is paired up with white, similarly orange looks fresh and clean when combined with other shades like cream, beige and stone. This trick makes the room look spacious, especially when the wooden furniture is used in the room made from oak. Add bright accessories too!

Idea 3- Combine it with chocolate

All shades of yellow and orange look great when combined it with chocolate. The combination gives an earthy appeal and warmth, therefore it is perfect for dark home interiors.
You can make your interiors look very calm with the combination of soft yellow with soft shades of grey. This creates an instant modern look for your decor, as these are unexpected colours to pair together. In fact, a pattern with pastel orange and grey looks fabulous for sofa upholstery, curtains, rugs and even in wallpaper designs for the accent wall.

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Idea 5-use orange throw pillows

Orange and yellow need not to be main colors of the room to create an impact. You can make the room come alive with other acecssories also like yellow rug or throw pillows. Detailing like this can be added to art work too.

Idea 6- combineit with bold shades

Don’t use orange and yellow as accents shades they can also be used along side red, blue and green, especially if you wish to add  bold shades in the home. And they can be blended together.  Mid orange with burnt red ceilings also coordinate well.