A home décor makeover often looks tedious than it really is. Let’s not say, successful home décor project is always a daunting task, but the truth is, the project should be well planned and well defined and well executed. Sometimes, despite our hardwork, a home makeover project dips down or can go overboard. Here are some secrets on how to do successful home décor project.

Make the goals clear

Don’t start without planning; create a detailed list of what you wish to achieve and how you plan to achieve them for space in question. Think about how much change you wish to incorporate, time line and professionals who will help you.


Once you have set the goals, you know exactly what  you wish to spend money on. Now, start with budgeting- create a set budget and allocate budget to painting, wallpaper, cushions, furniture and other decoration elements. Think about other options too, so that you can come up with ideas to lower down the cost wherever needed in order to accommodate all items required in your budget. For instance, you can buy second hand mismatched  chairs for the bedroom rather than buying new ones.

Set the color scheme

Now, think about rest of the details. Set the perfect color scheme before you actually wish to buy the items. A design flow is important-see how the different aspects of the room are connected to each other? You may require a theme, even if it is not evident in final design process because it will lay a guide point to your design process. Another important thing to consider before buying furniture is circulation space. You don’t require to fill up space with large quantity of furniture. Invest on few quality furniture pieces.

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Take samples

Don’t prepare your mind, just because your instincts say so, order for samples. Samples of Paper laminates, paints, flooring, fabrics help you to make final decisions. You can’t trust on colors that are seen on computer screen.

Go shopping

Once you have done research and groundwork, it’s time to go shopping and start spending allocated money. A rule of thumb is to check the return policy; try buying that can be easily returned in case they don’t go with your overall color scheme. If you aren’t sure about something, take picture of your space and sample things. In the end, it is important not to compromise. Every decorating project has some sins-it is important to adjust them.