‘Today, people are going towards retro kitchen design. Whether it is colorful contrasts or retro breakfast counters, styling your kitchen with designs inspired by 50’s and 60’s era is a cool way to add personality. Retro kitchen designs are symbolized by cozy cabinets with elegant or vintage chairs or modern kitchens with retro décor. Here are some ways to retro style to kitchen home décor:

Go for metallic finishes

In order to draw inspiration from retro outlook without having to buy from second hand stores, by adding white and metallic finishes of kitchen design. Simply, add retro inspired pieces in the home like stools and bar trolley, and you can have an eye catching retro look to the home that works perfectly with contemporary home.

The colorful old room

Retro designs comes loaded with bright shades that instantly liven up the place and turn up your kitchen into warm, cosy, family zone that everyone loves to gather and talk about the day. Whether you want to add colorful cabinets is the best or you can add pop of color through appliances like storage jars, or seating options. Colorful backsplashes tiles are another excellent option.

The retro mix and match look

In case of retro inspired kitchen scheme, boldly mix the old and new, plain with bright color, and the modern and vintage. Mixing furnishings can create an eclectic look. Adding a bit of decoration doesn’t need to be an expensive option, either. Buy from local garage sales counter, thrift markers. A

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How to get that retro traditional look

A white kitchen symbolizes traditional look and it will never fade away. Add a pop of bright shades like red and add some classy furniture, like gorgeous wood dining table and you will have a retro style kitchen that is warm and inviting.

The artistic retro look

If you are fond of retro inspired décor, add the same to the kitchen. Create a retro style kitchen by adding layers with bold shades. Like, you can add brass pendant lights and black chair that appeals to the eye; letting the vibrant elements to shine. You can even add retro images and postures, magazines and images of Hollywood starlets to the kitchen. Or glam up the look of your kitchen with burst of colors and add many pop ons through reto inspired aprons and vintage hooks.