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Wooden stairs, ceiling beams and vertical wooden slats were things of the past. Though wooden wall decoration is inspired by our past, but it has become a new trend. Whether it is about adding faux wood panels or having actual logs of wood fitted into wall-wood walls are definitely a new fashion statement. So, if you are planning to give your home a wooden wall makeover, here are few ideas on how to incorporate it.




  • Give your bedroom walls a makeover by adding some horizontal planks
  • Enliven your living space by using variations of wood. Emphasize the space by using cut out wooden logs
  • Add natural materials to the interiors of the bedroom like light natural wood.
  • Instead of adding tiles to your bathroom, add wooden slat and panels.It will definitely make an impact.
  • Add deep wooden panels in your home to enjoy cosmopolitan feel
  • Give your kitchen a makeover by adding deep colored planks. They are modern yet comfortable.