A shoestring budget needs not to be hiccup when it comes to style update, especially if you have vintage home décor in mind. What actually is a vintage style? By its true definition, vintage décor is all about taking something old and converting it into something new, vibrant and functional, with a little bit of creativity. You can recreate the same old magic by ordering the same from the thrift stores. And a chandelier one or two won’t hurt anyone. Here are some ideas to get started:

Take benefit of wall space

Narrow weathered planks are the best way to experiment in case you have a small space. These planks act like a display ledges to hold your collection like figurines, artwork, souvenirs, etc.

Blend old with new

A new dining table can get a vintage look by adding lamps, cushions, rugs, chandeliers, art work for the room. Buy vintage dining table and complement it with modern day chairs to create a décor that is dramatic and vibrant.

Create a focal point

Pick a single piece of vintage furniture with distressed finish and match with contemporary home décor items that look stylish, unique and completely trendy.

Think about small details

Small details will allow you to get vintage home décor within a budget. Even things that don’t match can look right when paired up in a right manner. Think about pallet shelves, vintage lamps, crystal chandeliers and clocks. Vintage add old worldly charm to your home décor that’s very unique and full of dramatic look.

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Mix and match

You can buy mix and match collections from flea market and in this way you can give a distinct look to the room. Vintage book shelves, camera and telephones can be repurposed to add visual appeal to the room.

Buy statement pieces

If you have time to explore, second hand furniture is the best. You can find unexpected things that add special interest to vintage chic décor, for instance a cool chair with industrial design.

If you have the time, explore second-hand furniture stores and go for garage sales. You can find the most unexpected things that add a special touch to your vintage chic décor, for example – this cool chair with an industrial design. The whole desk has a vintage charm to it, thanks to the lovely little touches from the artwork and vase.