Valentine Day is also called as Saint Valentine”s day or the feast of saint valentine. It is celebrated annually on February 14. Its history dates back to the the western Christian feast day in the honor of saint Valentinus. It is known as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of love and romance in different parts of the world. It is also said saint valentine of Rome was imprisoned for performing weddings of the soldiers who were forbidden to marry also is said that during imprisonment saint restored the sight of the blind daughter of the judge and wrote a letter “your” valentine as a farewell.

Saint valentine day is the official feast day in the Anglican communion and Lutheran church. In India, youth celebrate this as a day of love and affection .Valentine day is also celebrated among elders and the younger one to express their affection between them.


When love is in air fill your house with decoration which is fit for the season. Whether it is a bedroom or any other room, kids too can help to create the atmosphere. There are a certain other things to decorate your home like heart shape vignettes in a bottle.  Make small heart shapes on paper and stick it on your walls or doors can make a bunch of little silhouettes for valentines using rectangular box die and clear plastics sheets.


You can use bunches of artificial flowers to make an elegant wreath for your walls or front door. One can pair with handmade love pillow with red and plaid one to match the couch. You can warm your heart with a customized cup of cocoa. Paper made aero planes with red heart shape can be made. Spray paint the old telephone pink,painted mason jars,string-art heart,wooden love sign are the other things can be used for decoration.

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doily jars

Decorate the walls of the bedroom with DIY home décor ideas, for example, home memorabilia, sentimental gifts that add immense value and reminds the love of your spouse share. Add little mood lighting or bedside lights make your room smell wonderful.

Add candles to your bedroom to make it look distinctive and to generate the right atmosphere. Add red heart shape pillows with the white background, it will look nice and graceful.

It is said that the red color expresses the mood of love.  You can add heart shaped rugs and other accessories like red plates on the table that will transform the look of the room and make it look exquisite.  Organize the buffet for your loved one and add candles to the room.

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Stuff toys is another thing that you can add to the bedroom to make it look special. The toys are easily available in the market and will give your bedroom a new makeover.

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In short valentine day celebrations at home with your own way to decorate the place can add the day memorable.