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Creating a memorable dining experience isn’t easy. We offer you a nature-inspired dining table collection that is durable, decorative, and appropriate for serving guests. Here are some recommendations that can make your experience indulgent.

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Say it aloud with coasters and trivets- Use Parikrama patterns


Something is satisfying about circular patterns and design visuals. Inspired by the Indic religions Parikrama, the beautiful spiral collection of coasters will gel well with your decor style and theme. They are handcrafted and designed, keeping practical utility and convenience in mind. Also, they are lead-free, non-toxic, dish washer and microwave friendly. The blue spiral ceramic trivet set measures 6 x 0.5 inches.


We all have heard the old cliché that what goes comes around. So, let’s welcome once again our Parikrama set of coaster collection. These coasters will protect the table surface and prevent it from being contaminated by insects. If you are not fond of ceramic coasters, opt for wooden coasters.


Organize your kitchen with our mango wood hand-painted cutlery holder/kitchen caddy


Organizing and maintaining your kitchen is an everyday chore; things might get cluttered if there is no space. Our cutlery racks are a must for keeping spoons, racks, forks, and knives. These racks are available in aesthetic designs and materials like wood. They are also great portable alternatives and are highly useful if you keep utensils on the kitchen countertop. These wooden cutlery holders bring warmth to the kitchen and are eye-pleasing.


Add color to your home with our green ceramic spoon rest set of two.


This colorful spoon rest is perfect for keeping on the kitchen countertop. The spoon rest is adds greenery. It has intricate patterns embedded in it and is meticulously painted by the artisans. They are made in rural India and have been made considering practical utility. The range is microwave and dishwasher friendly. The set has a spoon measuring 6 x 9 x 1 inch.

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It is made from ceramic.


Serve your guests with our stand-out dining table accessory- radiant black handle gold steel table spoons set of six


A spoon is a must-have kitchen accessory, but what if we add a radiant touch to it? The set of spoons makes your food an indulgence, and they are wide enough to hold the gravies. These aesthetically pleasing stainless steel spoons can be placed on the dinner table or on the kitchen countertop. You can check out our recommendations that you may not have but surely need.


Bring royalty and at your home with our flatware collection


The exclusive range of hammered copper steel knives and steel spoons is made to create an impression. They add luxury to your dining table and are attractive to look at. You can wash it with a soft detergent, which is not dishwasher friendly. The set has twelve pieces.


Serving tray


The wooden serving tray is ideal for personal purposes and can be used to host parties for guests. The tray has a colorful appearance and looks modern and attractive. It is durable and reliable and comes with handles. They are crafted by remarkable artists, available in different sizes, and are suitable for versatile tasks.


Store food in wicker baskets


Wicker baskets are the best way to stay organized. It is a convenient storage option, and if you like to indulge in the delicacy almost daily, it is the best item to select.


Your home is a sanctuary of love and peace, so don’t hesitate to make a few changes. They will bring a refreshing and inviting vibe to your home.

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Visit the online store to see our exclusive accessories to change the home’s look.