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Do you think that there is too many options to select from, but you can’t make up your mind.






Modern Home Living Room Interior



Do you have any color in mind, but isn’t sure whether it will work well or not? Or are you frustrated because the color on the wall looks different than color that ends up in the wall.

If that’s the case, then whether you’re an experienced interior decorator a new home owner painting for the very first time and selecting the exact paint color from the many available is a bit daunting task.

Steps for Perfect Color

Step 1- Get to know yourself

Step 2- Get to know about your accommodation

Step 3- Find inspiration

Step 4- Get in the mood

Step 5- Find the scheme

Step 6- Get the room painted

Stand back and see the fabulous results

Before you start painting the room it is in your best interest to think in the similar way as the designer thinks. One among the best way to discover true color and style is to build your own style file. To do this go through your favorite magazines and pull out the pictures and magazines that appeal you. Remember, go with the first impression to make prompt decision. You need to evaluate the choices later.

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So, whether you are beginning with a home full of items or an empty room, you need to look closely on the both permanent features and the personal items that will be there in the space.