Concrete Walls have become rage in the present times. It not only proffers minimalistic look, but it looks outrageous when combined with wooden furniture or wooden floors. The walls also look great when paired with bricks or glass.

If you are bogged down by the traditional color of the concrete walls, keep in mind it is the thing of the past. They need not to be camouflaged with lots of paints or other decorative items. Instead, they can speak aloud about your property. Also, you can explore option of a concrete wall that looks like a stone or brick.

The concrete walls are more popular among the Japanese homes. But slowly and steadily it is gaining prominence in India too.

Types of Cool Concrete Wall Design

  • Colored Walls
  • Stamped Walls
  • Stucco Walls
  • Block Walls
  • Poured Walls
  • Precast Walls

Before choosing the type of wall, you need to take into consideration the climatic temperature and your pocket. Poured Walls tend to be expensive in contrast to others also they need to be reinstated in conducive weather conditions. Stucco Walls are able to withstand rough temperature and among all above colored walls tends to looks best. It gives your room a new leash of life. Also, it works well with stamped concrete in the shape of stones.

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Have a look on some cool concrete walls that might inspire you to keep one concrete wall in your home.