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Trends change every day, every season and its upto us to improve those trends in our homes to add freshness. It is important for every home to ensure the staleness does not seep in and there and there is always a room for makeover.

Be it small or big changes, start from small steps and bring life and vivacity to your humble and decent home. Home lightning is one of the easiest and impactful way to change and give a new look to the each room.


Let’s find what’s new in store for home lightning trends.

Globe Lights


Globe Lights tops the chart in the list of lamps that you can add to your décor, with no efforts and plenty of happiness. These lamps are available in various colors, designs on the exterior of the round in a globe like shape. There are enough of options to select from. These lamps look the best and beautiful, while hanging from the ceiling and the wire work or bright hue, these quirky lamps can transform the look of the room.

CFL Lamps


Whether it is CFL lamps or a low voltage lights, energy savers have become a new choice for this season. As it is environment friendly, so it is in vogue and not a matter of past!Another benefit of these lamps are using them produces subdue effect and light they emit give fairly a lounge effect, while helping you with energy consumption. Also, in case of CFL, it throws light in a particular direction, hence, you can fix it or keep it in such a way that it throws an abstract shadow or highlight a particular area. Make use of the lights by installing them into the corners, which will highlight a particular area.  It will make the room look bigger and cosier.

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Sleek Lights


2013 is about adding sleek lighting trends which will add style to the home. So, let go of heavy articles about the lights like the 18th century Victorian lamp shade and replace or substitute it with paper lamp that you brought from the roadside store. Track light continues to rule the roost and highlight the corner of the room to add drama and character. You can also add rice lights and pipe lights to add a subtle and soft look to those laid back evenings. It will make the appearance of the room cosier and stylish.