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If you have empty looking walls in your house there are number of things one can do to make the home feel energetic and lively.

  • Wall Clocks: It is one of the most universal and most affordable alternatives available in the market. Wall clocks with brass rim, see through hanging pendulums are the options which one can bank upon.
  • Decoration with pictures and photos give an entirely different look. Organizing the photo frames or art works in groups is age old and most effective technique and this practice does not seem to grow fainter in the near future.
  • Hang mirrors in the room which entirely change the appearance of the room. By hanging the mirror it will make the room look spacious and also brighten up.
  • Attaching shelves to the empty walls can also be tried where in one can put some photo frames if the shelf is in the room and kitchen utility items if it is in the kitchen.
  • Applying wall papers is another recent hit. It is easily available in the market and if you get sick of it you can change and apply that used one somewhere else.
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