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Green is the best color for the bedroom as it provides soothing and calming effect. It is a known fact that our eyes are able to recognize green color more than any other color. Green also represents calmness, money and nature. Using green shades in your bedroom can transform the look of the bedroom instantly.

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Aside from that, green is a pervasive color that proves to be an ideal backdrop for the interior designing. It really doesn’t matter whether you choose pillows, glass piece or adorn a wall with green; it looks refreshing all year long.

Green Glass– It is a decent way to add the green color to your home. The transluency gives the tang of color without strength.

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Green Throw Pillows– The throw pillows add luster to the home. Without green color, the bedding may look lacklustre and with green a tang of whimsy can beexperienced.The only tip is to add zippers in the pillow.

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Paint the wall– Painting the wall with green color gives fresh look to the room and it is an ideal color for teenage girls/ boys who don’t want to showcase their style.

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Green Draperies– The bold zig zag green draperies are in a rage. These draperies surrounded by white walls add artwork to the room.

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Green Tile-Ascent the bathrom wall with green tile. It can help you to achieve timeless look.

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Other than that one can add green murals to the bedroom, sconce shades add warmth to the room; add floor plant to the room.

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