20 ideas for more romance in the bedroom for valentine39s day 10 549

Giving a new look to the home is not at all difficult, all you need is little bit of creativity and spirit to work more with limited resources. Here are some ways on how to perk up the look of your home:

Paint or add wallpaper to bookcases


It will bring instant pop of color and will brighten or re-energize the room! Its amazing how a dab of paint can instantly add zing to the room and transform the space. The in-built bookcase would be simple without the bright blue interior shades. Perhaps the simplest and most inexpensive to change the look of the home! Paint somewhere unexpected. Bookcases are an apt place to start because you don’t require to paint a large surface. Other fun places where you can add dash of paint include fireplace mantels, the closet insides, the hallways and ceilings.

Use area rugs to soften the look of hardwood floors


Though rugs are the best way to add warmth to the room and it adds texture, color and personality to living room. Hardwood floors are beautiful and easy to maintain, but they lack warmth of carpeted floor, especially in winter months. Area rugs are the best way to add fun and functionality to living room. Use different kind of patterns and fabrics to showcase your personality.