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How to clear mess from the living room

Light up the location and not the whole room– Bright lights can make difficult to wind up the day, hence before lightening the whole home, it is important to see where your home should be enlightened and when it should not be revved up. Even adept interior designer recommends you to lighten the home according to the home environment.




For instance, in order to make the room look vivacious and lively, use the spot lightning for areas where you require brightness and you can add these lights near to the sofa where you read, and don’t forget to add overhead lights or dimmers to create adequate lightning arrangement. Go for spectrum bulbs, which mimic natural light and are way better than standard ones. No doubt, they cost a little bit more, but the investment is worth it because it creates more soothing and better ambiance.

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In fact there are several hidden home designs that can render your dream of stress free false. Like for instance, adding clutter designs or messy designs thinking that it is a new trend or just because your friend has incorporated in the home is like a suicide for your home. Hence, it is important to add only those items in the rooms that are apt for the place and suited to the decor aka complements the overall décor.

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Create pedestrian friendly homes- In order to make your home lively and perfect it is important to avoid clutter, but it is not only helpful in making your home stress-free rather how do you fell when two coffee tables or chairs are banging against each other.


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Won’t you feel awkward! Well, of course and it will also give bad impression for your home. Hence, it is, important to clear the path and rearrange the furniture in a way that complements the overall decor. Plus, the furniture should be easy to move and it should not produce anxiety and not to mention it is an easy way to trip or stub a toe, so in order to avoid facial and knee injuries, it is necessary to create pedestrian friendly home.

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Go easy on color scheme-In order to make home look vibrant and best it is important to think about overall décor of the home. For some bold colors goes well with the eyes and for others it is not easy to digest, hence it is important that the home should reflect your personality.



Using too many bright colors or high contrast pattern can be devastating to your home and it can make it difficult to relax, so the designs and colors should be as simple as possible. Simplicity is one thing, but the décor should score high in terms of simplicity room. So, if you are one among those, who like boldness and audacity when it comes to interior decoration, so go easy on color scheme, simple designs and soothing colors are definitely the best suited for your home.



For such homes less is more principle valid. Well, in present times overloading the home with accessories doesn’t work well, so it is crucial to incorporate only those things in the home that is truly important and discard other things and this rule even applies to your old shelves and table top. Don’t just add an item in them because they are present in your home, instead add only those items that are meaningful and are the best for your home.

Add outdoors inside the home- When you are surrounded with greenery inside the home, then it not only offers you a punch of fresh air, but also prevents you from the health ailments. Even the researcher and scientists suggest you to add plants inside the home. It will make your home pollution free, stress free and healthy place to live in. In order to add serenity to the home, incorporate some healthy houseplants in the home or hang out mirrors across from the largest window to maximize outdoor points.

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Moreover, adding natural greenery in the home is a sure shot way to make your home environment friendly and stress-free place to reside in. If nothing seems possible, then hang the landscape photographs on the wall, to make it look truly beautiful and natural.