Living Room

How to change the look of the living room?

The living room has maximum foot traffic and needs to be decorated in a functional yet aesthetic way. Here we have curated some living room decoration ideas that will revamp the home’s look.

Install artwork

The living room is a space where impressions are created. So, you can install artwork, vintage posters, or modern art for that eye-catching look. Just ensure it goes with the overall theme of the room.

You can install floral paintings too. It would go well with the walls and will give it a new look.

Select a rug that complements your space

A well-chosen rug will add dimension and personality to your living room. It will give you a premium living experience. To get this look, you can try Persian rugs or embroidered rugs. And if you are looking forward to durability and longevity, nylon or polypropylene rugs are suitable.

You can also add carpet matching the sofa or wall colour. However, it is recommended to buy dark carpets, so the stains are not visible. A good carpet should look not only aesthetically pleasing but also have moisture-absorbing properties so that it keeps the floor dry and is easily washable.

Buy a chandelier to recreate a glamorous look.

A chandelier adds glow to the space and creates a distinctive vibe to the living room. You can select from different designs depending on your personality. Options to pick from

minimalist chandelier,

waterfall chandelier,

crystal chandelier and

candle chandelier.

Add nature to your living room.

A living room is incomplete without adding some natural elements to it. It is a new trend that complements modern living too. Keeping indoor plants at home will reduce stress, improve productivity, and increase air quality. Some options you can consider are Jade, money plant, String of Pearls, Oxalis, etc.

Add a bookshelf in the living room.

Adding a bookshelf can be the best choice if you are an avid reader. These shelves add an oomph factor to otherwise empty corners. To make it look classy, you can accommodate it with photo frames, flashy magazines, souvenirs, books, etc.

Light the room the way it suits your personality

Install lamps in the living room to change the décor. They can perk up your mood and add an inviting look to it. It is available in various shapes and sizes, including artefacts, sculpted, wooden, etc.

These simple living room decoration tips will sync well with your home.