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With the COVID-19 lock-down causing stress and boredom among kids and adults alike,  there are certain things that you can do to lower down your stress level and to battle off the growing anxiety levels. Here, we have curated the list of DIY home improvement projects that you can take to spruce up your space.

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DIY Home Décor Ideas

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When you think of peace, warmth, relaxation the first thing that crosses the mind is our beloved home. Our home plays a great role in shaping our personality, so let’s try to make it as attractive as possible. When done well, it reflects our personality and visions.

1 BoHo Rugs

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If you are searching for a home improvement project that you can work during this lockdown, this rag is the perfect option. Old clothes that are not suitable for donation can be taken to make this colorful home furnishing. The process is simple, either you can check out the step by step instructions on how to make it from the internet.

2 Mason Jar Garden

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This is a simple way to create a garden of your own. All you need to do is to take a jar to add soil, and water it regularly. It’s easy and you can even custom-paint a few jars that match with overall décor and then fill the plants.

3 Turn Mason jar into the dispenser

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COVID has gripped us and the best way to shield us is to wash our hands regularly. For this, you can take a mason jar and install a dispenser on it. This way you can turn the jar into a functional item.

4 Crochet holders

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If you are new to this craft and want to try something new, you can lighten the room with fruit-themed crochet mats. You need a couple of stitches here and there and it will be made. You can even watch a tutorial for detailed instructions. Once you have mastered this project, you can move ahead with the new one.

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5 Search for old decorative elements that can be turned new

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Search into storage compartments, there might be some old treasures, like old printed bed-sheet, unused fabrics, etc. You can use it to redecorate the home. For example, you can use old China ware plates to hang on the wall as an artwork in the living or dining room. Not only it will accent the wall, but these relics of the past will uplift your mood too.

Take out those old photographs, create a DIY frame and hang it on the wall. This way you can create a gallery of your loved ones.

6 How to make a DIY Photo frame?

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All you need to take popsicle sticks and color it, create a triangle shape or square shape so that the photo can be easily affixed in it. Now use, hot glue to join the corner and add the photo. Your simple DIY photo frame is ready.

7 Newspaper home decoration ideas

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Image Credit: Top Dreamer

You can create wall hangings from old newspapers; make DIY photo frames, etc.

8 Move the things

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The simplest way to redecorate the home during the lockdown is to move things like household furniture. Placement matters the most and it dictates the appearance of the room. Shift the bookshelf, place the lamp in the corner and group the chairs. Your home is ready. You can even make your territory or personal space. You have endless possibilities to experiment and if you are an expert in sewing you can make a whole lot of crafts and you will be surprised by the results.


It is the perfect time to tackle all those tasks that your creative brain has been pushing you to do it. It is not easy to decorate the room without buying new stuff, but this article covers the ways on how to redecorate the home by staying inside the home.

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